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Wireless Network FAQ

Tiger Guest

1. Connect to the tiger guest network, and open a browser to start connection

2. Click the register account option. Enter first name, last name, email. Phone number and ISU Sponsor are optional

3. You will be given a username and password. Make sure to copy these for future uses.
Note: You will get an email sent to the email that you provided with your username and password if you forget what they are. this username and password is only valid for 8 hours. Once this 8 hours has passed, the guest will have to register a new account through the same process. 

4. You must accept the terms and agreements for the Tiger guest network.

5. The internet will now be accessible.


IMPORTANT NOTE: TigerNet is to be used on devices used by one individual. If a device is 802.1x compliant, but is used as a shared device by multiple users, such as a laptop or tablet that is checked out, or a computer lab, you will need to call the IT Service Desk to register the device. Using your personal user name and password credentials on a shared device allows other users of that device to have access to your credentials.
The importance of not sharing your username and password (credentials) with anyone cannot be stressed enough. The credentials you use to access TigerNet are the same as your BengalWeb and eMail login credentials. When you use your credentials on a shared device, or a friend's device, that device is now registered to you and any misconduct on another's part will be your responsibility, not to mention, by sharing your credentials you have compromised your BengalWeb and eMail accounts. You should only enter your username and password into your own personal devices and then keep those devices locked when not in use. After entering your credentials into a device, the information can be recovered and viewed by other users of that device if not properly secured.

What is happening?
There are two new wireless Service Set Identification (SSID) names being broadcast from the ISU wireless network. The TigerNet and DeviceNet SSID names are replacing the old BengalNet SSID. If your device is 802.1x compliant you will simply select the TigerNet SSID and when asked for your user name and password, you will enter the same user name and password you use for BengalWeb and then accept the certificate offered. If your device is not 802.1x compliant, and you are faculty/staff, you will want to register the MAC address of your wireless card with the IT Service Desk (x4357 or HELP) and use the DeviceNet SSID. If your device is not 802.1x compliant, and you are a student, you will want to register the MAC address of your wireless card in the Student Devices Portal and use the DeviceNet SSID.

Will all my wireless devices be able to use TigerNet?
It depends on the device. Almost all devices that have some type of browser or a standard operating system such as Windows or Apple OSx/iOS is 802.1x compliant. Devices such as your PC, Laptop/Notebook, SmartPhone, and Tablet are almost all 802.1x compliant. Devices such as printers, gaming consoles, and other devices that do not have a browser or standard operating system will not be able to use TigerNet. That is where DeviceNet comes in.

How do I use TigerNet/DeviceNet?
TigerNet network
    Requirement: BengalWeb username and Password
      Connection Instructions:
DeviceNet network
    Requirement: Register your MAC Address to the Student Wireless Device Portal (How to find your MAC Address)
       Example Devices:
  • PS3 and PS4
  • Printers
  • MP3 players
  • DVD players
  • Smart TVs
  • Projectors