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Guest WiFi Access

This page is an attempt to clarify the rules regarding guest wifi access provided by ISU ITS.  

Please request this access at least a few days (a week would be better) before the access is needed.

Q. Is there a charge for this service?

It depends.   If the guest is paying to take a course or workshop, or is being paid to give a talk (e.g. as part of a conference), a charge applies. 
If the guest is giving a talk without compensation, wifi access can be provided for no cost, you just need to provide the information below.  

For larger groups, see the question on conferences below.  

Q.  If a charge applies, How much does it cost?

The cost is a $30 setup fee, and $1/day OR $35 for up to one semester (or summer session)  
If you need it for more than five days, it is cheaper to get the semester rate.   

Q.  What information needs to be collected?

We need the following information:

For the Requester / departmental contact
Phone number  (as they don't email passwords)
Email address (for clarifications)

And for the wireless user:
Full Name
Phone Number
Email Address  (not required, but sometimes useful) 
Start Time and date for access  (when will they be arriving/ needing access) 
End Time and date for access.   (when will they be leaving) 
Account Index code to bill if there is a charge.  
MAC address from the wireless card.  
(see how to find your wireless MAC address if you need help)

Q. How to I request guest wireless access?

The Departmental contact should contact the ITS Help Desk at help@isu.edu or 282-HELP with all of the above information.  
I'm told there will be a web form available soon.  

Q.  Which network should I use and how to I logon?

Guests will use the ISUGuest network (SSID) 
They will be provided a username and password.  The first time they open a browser in each session they will need to supply their password in the page that comes up. 

Q. I holding a conference or large group meeting, can we provide wifi?

For conferences and larger groups, there is a different service with a $200 charge if the building can handle the number of wireless users (unless this event is held in Holt Arena, then you will request it when reserving the Arena)  

They will need the requester information below, additionally, the number of people, duration, and name of the conference/event.