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Mathematica 9.0.1

posted Jan 31, 2013, 9:14 AM by Benjamin Nickell
One or more products licensed through your Wolfram product site license L3324-4714 have been upgraded to a new version. The installation files for the new version may be downloaded from the Download Center in the Wolfram User Portal:

If you do not yet have a Wolfram ID to sign into the Wolfram User Portal, please usenickbenj@isu.edu as your Wolfram ID so your site license will be accessible through your Portal account.

If a user wants to install a product that requires an activation key (such as Mathematica, SystemModeler, or MathLM), you can create and/or assign an activation key to them through the Users & Activation Keys section of the Portal:

For detailed installation instructions, visit:

Employees with a home-use license will be sent an email with instructions for obtaining the latest version.

Thank you, and please contact us with questions.


Wolfram Customer Support
1-800-WOLFRAM (in the US or Canada)