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Adding network printers

Below is description of adding a printer using the HP universal printer driver.   

In this example, I'll setup the math network printer in PS 318, but you could get the correct DNS name from CoSE IT and setup nearly any HP printer.  

You will need a DNS hostname for your printer, obtain this from your department contact or Cose IT support. 

1)  You'll need to download the latest version of the HP universal print driver from this website
  • Choose you operating system and language, most are running 64 bit windows 7
  • We typically recommend the PCL6 driver. 


2.  Run the download, and click 'Unzip'.


3. The installer will start, click 'Traditional Mode' then Next.  

4. On the next screen, select Add a local printer

5. Create a new port, and change the type to Standard TCP/IP Port

6.  Use the DNS hostname provided by IT support or your department for the hostname and port name 

7.   Select the default 'HP Universal Printing PCL 6' and click next. 

8.  Name the printer  
  • We suggest a format like 'HP M4555 MFP [Math Mailroom PS 318C]'

name printer

9.  Click 'Do not share this printer' and then Next

10. Click finish and print a test page if you wish, or try a print job.  

Contact IT Support if you need help of have problems.  

11.  Recommended:   Set duplex and staple options. 

  • click the start button (circle with the windows logo on it)
  • select 'Devices and Printers'
  • Right click on the printer you just created, and select 'Printing Preferences' (see screenshot)
printing preferences

12. Once the dialog opens, select the 'Finishing' tab and click 'Print on both sides'   
  • The rest of the options can stay default.  


13.  Select the Output tab, and if you want stapling, pull down the menu, and choose 'Open Staple Angled'


14.  Click 'OK' and print happily.