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Box Edit

With Box, you are able to upload and edit many different kinds of documents. You're able to edit your Google Docs and Microsoft Word documents right inside of the Box web client. The following picture demonstrates creating a new Microsoft Office or Google Drive document.

Microsoft Office Tutorial

1. If you select the option to create a new Word document, you will be asked for a name and a description for the file. You will then be taken to the Microsoft Office website to sign in. You can link your Microsoft Office 365 account to Box allowing you to edit Word, Excel and Powerpoints all online without ever downloading them to your local computer.

2. Signing in with your .isu email account will allow you to edit documents right from your browser and save them to box. Once you've linked your Microsoft account with your Box account, you shouldn't have to sign in each time.

3. There is a second option however, Box Edit, which is described in further detail in the Box Edit Section Below.

Box Edit Tutorial

1. Sign in to box and find the file you're trying to edit. In the pictures below, we will be editing WordDoc.docx with Box Edit.

2. Select the document that you want to edit. It should load in your window, giving you the name in the upper left, a download and share option in the upper right as well as revision history along the right side of the screen.

3. If you click the button that says "Open with Word" you will be given a few options. The first option is to use Microsoft Word Online, which I described above, and the second option will help you install Box Edit and work on the file on your desktop as most of us are use to.

4. Click the link that says "Microsoft Word install Box Edit to...". This will open a new window with a button to download box edit. Press that. That will start the download and will pop up a new window with how to use and install Box Edit. 

5. Once you've installed Box Edit, press continue on the previous window, and Box Edit will launch. This will also open Word, Excel, Powerpoint, or whatever other program needed to edit the document you're trying to open. You're free to make any changes you'd like to make. Once you save the document, the Box Edit will appear in the bottom left corner of the screen indicating that it is saving the file and all changes will be immediately backed up to Box, securing your files in the cloud. 

Note about this feature - This feature is only available to documents that have been either created in Box, or uploaded to Box.

Google Drive/Google Docs Tutorial

1. Similar to Microsoft Online, Box Allows you to create and edit Google Drive files. If you press new to create a new file, you're prompted with creating Microsoft Office documents or Google Drive documents. The files are created the same way, except creating a new Google Drive file, you will be prompted to sign in to Google.

2. Once you sign in to Google, a new window will be opened that allows you to edit your newly created Google Doc the same way you are able to from Google Drive, your files are now just stored in Box rather than Google Drive.

Note about this feature - This feature is only available to Google Drive files that have been either created in Box, or uploaded to Box.