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Box Revision History

One of the big features of Box is revision history. Box keeps track of any and all changes made to files. Below is a folder where there are two documents. Each document has a little information about it. 

Below is an example of what you might see inside of a box folder where you're given the name of the document, the version number of the document (V#), the last updated information, and the size of the document.

If you click on a document to edit the document, you're given a preview of the document. As an example, we will be editing WordDoc.docx. Below is the top half of the preview window, where in the upper left, you've got the name of the file. The upper right has options of how to edit, shareable links, and gives the ability to download, among a few other options. On the right side of the scree, you're given an activity window and an info window.

Activity shows who has edited the webpage, as well as the versions of the document. Information shows metadata about the document including file name, description and the owner.

In the activity window, if you click on the blue highlighted version text, you will be shown the version history of the document. This allows you to remove versions, make older versions current, or download older versions to see what users may have changed. Box keeps 100 old versions of a document, so if something happens, you've got records from many previous versions.