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Box Sync

This guide will walk you through setting up Box Sync for your computer. There are two guides. One for Windows users, and another for Mac. Unfortunately at this time, Linux users do not have a box sync option, however, mapping your box share like a network drive is an alternative for Linux, Windows, and Mac Users.

***Until further notice, box sync is not going to be enabled by the University.

Box Sync on Windows or Mac

2. In the upper right hand corner under your name, there should be be a dropdown menu with a link "get box sync" 

3. That will bring you to the following page where you can select your operating system. Most Windows users should press the "Box Sync" button right above the number 1 in the following picture. Mac OS X and different versions of Windows are on the right. Pressing those should allow you to download an .exe or a .dmg depending on the OS you chose. Windows users will want to use the .exe and Mac users will want the .dmg.

4. Run the installation of Box Sync Setup. This will ask you to agree to the terms of service and then install. Once the installation is finished, the box sync program will launch, asking for your credentials.

5. Once you sign in, you will be prompted to "start syncing". If you wish to customize your settings, the link "Customize Folder Settings" will allow you to change a few settings, but the defaults work great. The default location for windows users is C:\Users\<your username here>\Box Sync . This is the same location as most people are use to for their downloads, pictures, etc.

6. After pressing "Start Syncing", an icon should be placed on your desktop. If not, you can get to your sync folder by opening a file explorer window. Box should have automatically created a new shortcut on the left side of your window.

7. Any files that you put into this new folder will automatically be backed up to your box account and you can access them from any computer.