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Downloading and Configuring Math MX-M623N PCL6 Printer "Beast" Windows and Mac

Downloading the proper drivers for the Sharp MX-M623N PCL6 Printer

1. Go to the sharp USA downloads website:

2. Change the drop down settings to the following (Windows is shown. Select Mac OS as driver platform if using a mac). Driver platform will show up once you select "driver" as the download type.

3. Click search. 

4. Select the second option. "Windows 64 bit OS Driver Package" for windows. Select the only option if using a mac. 

Installing the drivers for the Sharp MX-M623N PCL6 Printer - Windows

1. Open download location for file. Unzip the folder to wherever you would like it to be unzipped to.

2. Open the unzipped folder and unzip the folder "WHQL PCL6_PS_PPD Print

3. Run the .exe

4. Allow it to run as an administrator. Select where you would like the file to save. 

5. Select custom installation. Then select "LPR Direct Print (Specify Address)"

6. Enter IP Address:

7. Select the MFP model: MX-M623N. Select PCL6. Then select if you want the printer to be your default printer.

8. Change the name of the printer if you prefer. Press enter twice

The printer should then be ready to use.

Configuring the settings for the Sharp MX-M623N PCL6 Printer - Windows

1. Go to device manager and right click on the Sharp MX-M623N PCL6 Printer.

2. Select printer preferences, then configuration, then auto configuration

3. Select all 3 options with the finger pointing at them.

4. Click okay twice to finish the configuration.

5. Open a word document and select print and printer properties.

6. Change the properties to how you or the client wants them to be for printing. 

Everything should be set up and ready to go.