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nxsetup for Lithium

You can access the server using the following protocols that all connect over port 22: SSH, SFTP, SCP, RSYNC, and NX.

Your username/password pair used to access this system is the exact same username/password pair used to access and/or your email.

To obtain a graphical desktop from the server onto your own computer, you will have to download the NoMachine client from

Install NoMachine client:
Go to
Download the NoMachine Enterprise Client corresponding to your operating system.

(Rest of the instructions will be for windows operating system, though if you don't have windows, the instructions should be similar for installation and connection.)
Run the installer after it downloads.
Now that the installer has launched, click next.
Accept all defaults, and click next/install until you see a finish button.
Click finish.

Find where NoMachine Client installed to and launch the NoMachine Connection Wizard.
Click next.
In Session, type 'Lithium'   (or replace with another server name, if it has NX server installed) 
In Host, type ''   
 (or replace with another server hostname, if it has NX server installed) 

Leave default in Port.
And leave your internet connection to default.
Click next.

(IMPORTANT STEP!), for lithium, after entering your password use 'Create a new CDE virtual Desktop' and  I suggest you check 'save this setting in the configuration file' 
Leave all other defaults and click next.
Click Finish.

Now the NoMachine Client is prompting you for your username and password. Your username and password is the same as you use 

As you connect, you may have a popup from your software firewall asking if you want to allow this program, click allow.

On the first time you connect, you will also be asked if you want to allow this key, click yes.

To transfer files to and from the server to work with them, you can use the SFTP protocol with clients such as filezilla, or use the SCP protocol with clients such as winscp.

If you are using Linux or Mac, you can also just use scp from the command line to move files back and forth.

One thing to note. There is a limited size available on this server for storage, that being said, this server is not to be used for storing your data. You should always keep a copy of your work with you, or stored somewhere else besides this server. If the amount of data that you are storing is impacting the ability of other users to upload their data to work with, you will be instructed to remove your data, or we will simply delete your data. ALWAYS keep your own backups up to date and don't use this server as the primary storage of your data.

If anybody has any questions or issues regarding this server, you may either email me at any time, or call me during business hours. My contact information is listed in the signature of this email.

Thank you.
Michael McGregor

Physical Sciences Room 326