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The luna cluster (previously known as helios) is generously provided to the college by the Idaho National Laboratory.

The cluster is undergoing configuration and testing, with the hope that the cluster will be useful for collaborative computing research among ISU and other institutions in the future.

Hardware Specifications

  1. Head Node [Quantity: 1]
    • (2) Intel Xeon E5430 CPU @ 2.66GHz
    • 2 sockets, 4 cores per socket, 8 cores total
    • 16GB registered memory
    • 300GB OS storage
    • (2) Gigabit Ethernet on motherboard
  2. Compute Node [Quantity: 128]
    • (2) Intel Xeon 5150 @ 2.66GHz
    • 2 sockets, 2 cores per socket, 4 cores total
    • 8GB memory
    • (2) Gigabit Ethernet on motherboard


The luna cluster uses SLURM Resource Manager to schedule tasks on the compute nodes. GNU and Clang compilers are installed on the cluster, along with MPICH1, MPICH2, and Open-MPI implementations of MPI for each.

Accessing the Cluster

After requesting access to luna, the cluster can be accessed via SSH using PuTTY from Windows computers, and OpenSSH from OS X or Linux computers. The cluster is located at the address and uses the default SSH port 22.

Putty can be downloaded here.

OpenSSH is installed by default on most OS X or Linux computers. To access luna with OpenSSH, use the following command:
ssh -l doejane