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Globus Online

Globus Online is a file transfer mechanism for sending large files.  
It is free to use due to government and university sponsors.  

A short video about what globus online is about and can do for you.  

It is useful for sending large files between campuses, or to shared servers or clusters, or between clusters.  

Sign up for an account here.  

Setup your computer as an Gc endpoint: (in progress, incomplete instructions that need testing) 
Download the appropriate client software from here.
Run the globus-connect client software using directions on the download page for your platform. (windows, macos, linux supported)   
Create an account (if you haven't already) and login to the web interface at

I think you have to add your computer as an endpoint (can be public or private)  I'd suggest private, only accessible to you.  

Advanced users can interact with globus online using a command line interface (CLI)

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