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Labview Student Edition Installation Guide:

You’ll need to download the latest Labview Student Version from the following link:

Download the 2017 Version.

Once downloaded, run the program, and choose which directory you want to install the program in.

After clicking continue/okay, this screen will appear:

Here you need to make sure that you want to install softare now. Click next to continue.

The serial number you need to activate the product will be provided to you by your teacher. Once you get the serial number. You should be able to enter it in, and it will look like this.

These defaults are fine. Hit next.

This option is largely up to you. If you are unsure, I would leave it checked. It will check and see if there are notifications or updates for the various products in Labview. Then, it will ask you to accept some license agreements:

Accept those, and then hit next. It will ask you to accept some more license agreements, and then this window will pop up:

Don’t leave this box checked .You shouldn’t have any problems with using Labview and Fast Startup together. Next, you’ll have to create a National Instruments Account:

Once you’ve logged into National Instruments with your new account, you’ll come across this screen:

You’ll want to leave it checked, and hit next. After hitting next several more times, the installation will begin. This installation will take a considerable amount of time, so make sure your laptop is plugged in to a charger. After the installation has completed, you’ll have to click next through a handful of additional windows, and then you’ll need to restart your computer in order to complete installation.

Jack Bradley,
Feb 8, 2018, 8:29 AM