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For Math, Geosciences, Physics, and the IAC
The MATLAB software can be accessed on the liebniz server.
The attached file license-math_geo.lic is needed to check out a license if you have the software locally installed.  

This is an academic research license, and contains the following toolboxes.  

CountProductMaintenance End Date
7MATLAB01 Aug 2014
1Communications System Toolbox01 Aug 2014
1DSP System Toolbox01 Aug 2014
1Fuzzy Logic Toolbox01 Oct 2009
1Global Optimization Toolbox01 Aug 2014
1Image Processing Toolbox01 Aug 2014
1MATLAB Compiler01 Jul 2008
1Optimization Toolbox01 Aug 2014
1Parallel Computing Toolbox01 Aug 2014
1Partial Differential Equation Toolbox01 Aug 2014
1Signal Processing Toolbox01 Aug 2014
1Spreadsheet Link EX01 Aug 2014
2Statistics Toolbox01 Aug 2014
3Symbolic Math Toolbox01 Aug 2014

For Engineering, contact
        The software is also installed on

The Engineering license if for classroom/teaching use only, and included the following toolboxes.  

CountProductMaintenance End Date
45MATLAB01 Sep 2014
45Simulink01 Sep 2014
10Aerospace Toolbox01 Sep 2014
10Communications Blockset (Transitioned) 01 Sep 2011
10Communications System Toolbox01 Sep 2014
30Control System Toolbox01 Sep 2014
20DSP System Toolbox01 Sep 2014
20Data Acquisition Toolbox01 Sep 2014
2Embedded Coder01 Sep 2014
2Embedded IDE Link (Transitioned) 01 Sep 2011
2Embedded IDE Link CC (Transitioned) 01 Sep 2010
10Filter Design Toolbox (Transitioned) 01 Sep 2011
10Fixed-Point Designer01 Sep 2014
30Fuzzy Logic Toolbox01 Sep 2014
10Global Optimization Toolbox01 Sep 2014
10HDL Coder01 Sep 2014
10Image Processing Toolbox01 Sep 2014
15MATLAB Coder01 Sep 2014
30Neural Network Toolbox01 Sep 2014
10Optimization Toolbox01 Sep 2014
15Real-Time Windows Target01 Sep 2014
20Robust Control Toolbox01 Sep 2014
30Signal Processing Toolbox01 Sep 2014
15Simulink Coder01 Sep 2014
30Simulink Control Design01 Sep 2014
10Simulink Fixed Point (Transitioned) 01 Sep 2013
30Symbolic Math Toolbox01 Sep 2014
20System Identification Toolbox01 Sep 2014
2Target Support Package (Transitioned) 01 Sep 2011
2Target Support Package TC2 (Transitioned) 01 Sep 2010
2Vehicle Network Toolbox01 Sep 2014
10Wavelet Toolbox01 Sep 2014

Benjamin Nickell,
Dec 22, 2011, 2:05 PM