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Quick Updates

1)For a quick run of updates that are not covered in Windows update download the program at the following link and run it. This will patch up some security holes and give you some basic tools that make using your computer easier.

    1a. (optional) The above link will get recommended software, if you want to customize that list, or to make sure all the updates installed okay, read more about Ninite to create your own custom installer.

2) While that it running in the lower right hand of your screen in the tool bar should be an icon with a blue shield and a red "V". Right click on this and select update now to get the most up to date version of virus definitions to protect your computer. It should look like the images below.

3) After you have run the update right click on the same blue and red shield. Select "About VirusScan Enterprise" it will bring up a small screen make sure that you are running the most up to date version of the program which is currently version 8.8. If you are running an older version than that. Email and request to have a tech come install the newest version for you. 

4)Be sure that you run Windows Updates from the start menu to make sure that your computer has the most up to date security patches. Please also enable Microsoft Update if it is not already to get updates for Office and other Microsoft Products.