This Documentation is for Ubuntu 14.0.4 . We can't guarantee that it will work with newer versions of Ubuntu.

To install ArtTreeKS on Ubuntu 14.04 (Using Gnome3 or UnityDE), do the following:

Install cminpack, lua5.1, and build-essential using apt-get:

sudo apt-get install -y libcminpack-dev libcminpack1.0.90 lua5.1 liblua5.1-dev libpng-dev libsdl1.2-dev build-essential

Download the following two zip files:

Unzip both of these to a directory of your choice.

Next, navigate into the folder of the second unzipped download and run make and sudo make install like this:

cd [libdq folder]
sudo make install

Next, navigate into the luarocks folder and run make

cd luarocks # full path is [libdq folder]/luarocks
vim '+%s/#include "lua.h"/#include "lua5.1\/lua.h"/g' '+wq' luadq.c
vim '+%s/#include "lauxlib.h"/#include "lua5.1\/lauxlib.h"/g' '+wq' luadq.c

Now, navigate into the ArtTreeKS unzipped folder

cd [ArtTreeKS folder]
vim '+%s/#include <cminpack.h>/#include <cminpack-1\/cminpack.h>/g' '+wq' sminpack.h

Installation should now be finished. To test, do the following. Navigate into the ArtTreeKS/examples folder and run lua [example].lua

cd [ArtTreeKS folder]/examples
lua experiment.lua

If that works, then you are good to go!

Install with Script:

Attached is a script that will go through and install ArtTreeKS and all dependencies.

You run it by first making it executable by:

sudo chmod +x

Then execute it by:

sudo ./

This will create a folder called temp that contains everything you will need for ArtTreeKS. You can now move them out of the temp fold and wherever you would like them in this example we will move them to the user folder.

cd temp/
sudo cp ArtTreeKS-master ~
sudo cp libdq-master ~

To test an example: (from the temp folder)

Enter the examples folder, copy the and the files into the examples folder.

cd ~/ArtTreeKS-master/examples/
sudo cp ../ .
sudo cp ../../libdq-master/luarocks/ .

Run an example

sudo lua test.lua

If it doesn't throw any errors then it worked.


If you are having issues with lua.h and/or libcminpack1

Then you should look at this link: