The computer is on but the projector isn’t displaying anything.

  • Make sure the input selector on the podium is set to “computer” if you are using the podium computer, or “laptop” if you are plugging in your own laptop. If it isn’t, use the dial to select the correct input. (Note: if you change the input to use a laptop, please change it back to computer once you are finished)
  • Make sure the projector’s input is set to “Comp 1” This is the only input that will work correctly. If you are using a laptop or the ELMO, change the inputs on the dial, not on the projector. If the projector is displaying an input other than “Comp 1” (S Video, Comp 2 etc.) Press the “Comp 1” button on the remote to change it back.

The projector is displaying something other than what I want, or I’ve followed the above steps and still don’t see anything.

  • While holding the Windows key on the keyboard (by the spacebar) press “P” this will bring up the second display settings. Cycle through these settings by pressing the “P” key repeatedly until you’ve reached the setting you want.
    • Duplicate displays exactly what is on your computer screen to the other display.
    • Extend treats the projector display as a second display. You can use this to drag something like a video or powerpoint onto the project display while keeping your notes on the computer.
  • Please always change the display back to duplicate when you are finished, this is how most lecturers prefer it.

I can’t use the pen to write on the screen.

  • The pen only works when a program called “SMARTInk” is running. It should run when the computer starts. If you’ve just booted the computer, it may take 2 or 3 minutes to load. If it still isn’t running, you can run the program manually by doing the following: Press the windows key to open the quicksearch. Type "smartink" to search for the program. When you see the program, double-click it to run. It should start running in the background automatically, and the pen will start working in a few seconds.

The screen is cut off on the smart podium screen.

  • Click on the following link to go to a Google Doc that provides guidance on how to fix this issue.

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