Connect Printers on Mac

To set up a printer on a Mac your will need to first click on the Gear icon for System Preferences.

Once there, click on the icon indicating Printers and Scanners.

Which will bring you to the following window:

Click on the "+" on the bottom of the Printer List box on the left hand side.

Once you get to screen pictured below click on IP.

Now, we are ready to add the printer.

Where it says "Address", type in the address for the printer you wish to add. (listed below by department)

For "Protocol", we have had more success when we change this to the "HP Direct Socket" option.

Finally, for "Name" name the printer something you will be able to remember.

Click Add.


Geology: Color: B&W:

Physics: Color: B&W:

Engineering: Color: B&W


Colonial Hall: Color: B&W: