ISU Faculty Staff and Students can gain access to Mathematica software by creating an account on the Mathematica user portal. Once you've signed in the user will request an Activation Key. Requests from ISU's IP range using and ISU email address will be automatically granted, other requests will have to wait for administrator approval. Users can download Mathematica from the portal.

You must create an account on the Wolfram user portal to request an activation key, please select your link from choices below:



If you have questions about the which license to use or other questions related to Mathematica, please contact us at x5162 or by email -

Home Use for Faculty/Staff:

Staff/Faculty can have a work license for license L3324-4730, and they can have a Home Use license for their personal machine at home. To request a home use license, please visit the following link;

It will require the main staff/faculty license number L3324-4730 to start the request. Fill out a request from the link above, and the site administrator will have to log in and approve the requests. Once approved, Wolfram will process the request and send the home use license number and media to the end user.