Idaho State University's Acceptable Use Policy, ISUPP 2400 states:

"By being given a username and password granting me access to ISU’s data processing hardware; software, data transmission equipment and infrastructure; data storage devices; and the electronic information stored, processed, or transmitted via these components (hereafter referred to as ISU’s IT System) I agree to abide by the following guiding principles:

I agree to maintain confidential access to all ISU IT System resources to which I am given access, and to accept full responsibility for any activity performed via my ISU IT System account. All ISU IT System accounts are non-transferable and each individual must obtain separate and unique access. Passwords must be changed from the originally assigned password and remain private, unknown to all others.

Misuse includes (but is not limited to): unauthorized access to or usage of ISU’s IT System; unauthorized use or sharing of account passwords; unauthorized alteration or use of another individual's program(s) or file(s); and knowingly attempting to circumvent established security policies and procedures."

With that in mind, our office encourages faculty and staff to regularly change their password. The following link provides some helpful guidelines on how to create a good password: