Connecting ScanSnap ix500 Scanner

This page is dedicated towards providing assistance setting up your ScanSnap ix500 Scanner

1. Remove inner tape and protective cards from the scanner. The diagram below will show the tape that protects the inside of the scanner that must be removed before use.

2. Connect the power adapter and AC cable. Also connect the host computer to the scanner via the included USB cable.

3. Once the scanner has been connected, navigate to:

4. Download the "ScanSnap Installer". This is the first download link in the list of setup programs.

5. This will re-direct you to the following page. Click on the highlighted text shown below and install the setup program.

6. Launch the downloaded application. Ignore the anti-virus warning displayed below if the installer presents it to you.

7. Click next unless you would like to change the destination folder for the ScanSnap files.

8. Read and accept/decline the ScanSnap license agreement.

9. Click next to install after reviewing the selected settings.

10. Follow the on-screen instructions. You will know the product has been properly installed and configured if there is a SnapScan Icon on the drop-down menu when you click the ^ on the bottom right side of the screen.