Setup SFTP via Filezilla

1) If FileZilla is not already installed, you can download it here ( for free.

2) Open FileZilla and click on File > Site Manager

3. Click "New Site"

4) Enter Host information. (Common hosts include,, Enter user information, and select Ask for Password under Logon Type:

Optional : If you would like Filezilla to start in a different location on the server side, go to the Advanced tab and under Default remote directory, input the remote directory you would like to start in.

5. Click "Connect"

Once connected, you should see a screen similar to this:

In the middle are four window panes, the left two are 'local' and the right two are 'remote'. The top two provide directory level navigation, and the bottom two provide file level view within the current selected directory.

To transfer files between local and remote sites, navigate both sites to the directories you want to transfer from/to, then you simply drag and drop the files you want from the "from" side and to the "to" side. Then respond to any dialogues that come up warning about overwriting files, etc., and now your files are transferred.