How To Install Solidworks:

This guide is to install ISU's solidwork's SDK and SEK Version 2018-2019. Newer version may be available on the Solidworks website.

1. Use the following link to fill out the form to start your download:

2. Fill out the form with the appropriate information, using the picture below as an example. If your teacher provided you the Student Premium Code, you will need to check yes to the first question. Otherwise, check no and enter the SDK-ID that your teacher provided, and change "username" to your isu username.

3. Click "Request Download"

4. You will then be asked to agree to the terms of service. Press "Accept Agreement & Continue" if you agree.

5. You will then be sent to the downloads page.

5a. If you are using the SDK, this page is very important as it provides you with your CAD and CAM student serial numbers, and download link. Take note of these codes.

5b. If you are using the SEK, this page will just allow you to download the launcher

6. From here you will need to run the .exe that is downloaded and it will guide you through installing the rest of Solidworks.

7. Keep individual selected like in the picture above.

8. Press next and enter the license. Contact your instructor for information about the license.

9. Once the license has been entered, press next to continue. The following page will be displayed and leaving the defaults is recommended. Once you are ready, press “Download and install” to begin your download. This is a large download and may take some time.

10. While downloading, a error page may occur saying that the download was unable to be finished. Press the button to try again. It should work.

11. Once the download has finished, the installation will begin. This is also a large installation and will also take some time.

12. The computer will need to restart before Solidworks can be ran. Once restarted, Solidworks setup is complete.